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Our dedicated team at TheTeamPhoenix embodies the spirit of collaboration and growth, working tirelessly to uplift the community and foster mutual development. Through their unwavering commitment, they exemplify the values of teamwork and continuous learning, striving to create a safer and more advanced landscape in Cyber Security and Technology. Their collective efforts stand as a testament to the power of individuals coming together to impact the organization and the broader community positively.

A S M Shamim Reza


A. S. M. Shamim Reza, a passionate cyber security researcher with a focus on artificial intelligence, assumed the role of CTO within Pipeline in 2021. Leading technology teams across markets, he oversees product engineering, design, and AI research, injecting new energy into Pipeline’s growth trajectory.

With over 15 years of experience, Shamim excels in enterprise solution design, infrastructure management, security monitoring, assessment and compliance, threat detection, incident response, and forensic analysis. His tenure with a premier ISP in Bangladesh spans over 12 years.

Mr. Shamim is the founder of TheTeamPhoenix, a non-profit initiative dedicated to enhancing the community’s well-being in the cyber security and technology domain. He has contributed as a co-instructor of the Network and System Security workshop at several SANOG conferences. In addition, Mr. Shamim has been sharing his knowledge regularly at conferences like RootConf, bdNOG, SANOG, APRICOT, APNIC, Open Source Summit, etc.

Md Hassan Shahriar Fahim

Team Lead, Research Center

Worked as an OSINT and Cyber Crime Analysts for the Law-Enforcement Agency for more than 7 years. Also for the past decade I have been working and tweaking with the Cyber-Security Field and given several training sessions in multiple places including Schools , IT enthusiastic groups and Law-Enforcement Agencies. Worked in a Human Rights NGO for the women’s safety inside the Cyber world

Rayhan Ahmed Niloy

Advisor, Research Center

Rayhan Ahmed Niloy is a dynamic and driven Young AppSec Engineer at ThreatSims, fueled by an unwavering passion for application security, penetration testing, and comprehensive vulnerability analysis. His exceptional dedication has positioned him as one of the youngest talents in this rapidly evolving domain. Rayhan’s contributions extend across several years, where he has made impactful strides in the realms of national and international cyber security events, adeptly serving as an administrator.

Presently, Rayhan is excelling as an accomplished Application Security Engineer, leveraging his expertise to fortify the digital landscape. His commitment to professional growth is evident through his attainment of esteemed certifications, including OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) and OSWE (Offensive Security Web Expert). These accolades underscore his comprehensive grasp of the intricacies within the realm of Cyber Security.

Muztahidul Islam Tanim

Researcher, Research Center
I am an experienced cybersecurity professional with a passion for ethical hacking, penetration testing, vulnerability research, and network security. With expertise in areas such as penetration testing, network security, information security, web application security, APl security, and wireless penetration testing, am well-equipped to handle any cybersecurity challenge. In my work, I utilize a range of industry-leading security toolkits such as Kali Linux, Metasploit, and Burp Suite Pro, and am proficient in scripting languages including Python and Bash. As a lifelong learner, i am always seeking to acquire new skills and stay upto-date with the latest cybersecurity trends and technologies. I am the youngest OSCP and OSWE holder in Bangladesh, and have been listed on the Hall of Fame pages of over 50 companies for responsibly disclosing security vulnerabilities in their products.

Dihan Islam Olif

Operations Manager

A dreamer who loves to manage people. Trying to shape the community for a better future!

Highly determined and dynamic, with a proven track record of cultivating strong client relationships and delivering exceptional sales, marketing, and support results. A strategic thinker and effective communicator adept at implementing innovative sales strategies to achieve and sustain robust sales growth. Consistently offers inventive solutions, inspires peers, and maintains a results-driven, customer-centric work ethic. Organized, multitasks proficiently, and meets deadlines while maintaining an enthusiastic and positive demeanor.

A S M Shahriar ShafI

Business Development Manager

Shahriar Shafi, a dedicated Photographer who loves to capture the essence of moments. As an Influencer Marketer, I help brands tell their stories, and as an Event Organizer, I create experiences that leave lasting impressions.

Mohammed Tasdir Ahmed

Mohammed Tasdir Ahmed is a security enthusiast, penetration tester, and Malware Analyst. In addition, he actively participates in national and international competitions, earning numerous prestigious international and national awards.

His primary interest is in Threat Hunting and malware analysis, particularly those employed by state actors. Furthermore, Mohammed Tasdir takes on the role of leading and administrating the CTF Community Bangladesh, contributing to the strengthening of the local cybersecurity community and imparting his knowledge and experience to local security enthusiasts.

Arman Hossain Antu

Arman Hossain Antu holds the esteemed position of Adjunct Teacher at the Department of Computer Science & Technology at Dhaka Polytechnic Institute. Additionally, he occupies the role of Senior Administrator at CTF Community Bangladesh, underscoring his engagement in a comprehensive spectrum of responsibilities.

His fervent passion finds its anchor in the realm of Information Security, reflecting his extensive experience in domains such as Vulnerability Analysis, Data Protection, Application Security Testing, Digital Forensics, and Incident Response. This multifaceted expertise is a testament to his dedication and profound understanding of the intricate facets of the field.

Neion Chowdhury

Neion Chowdhury, a 20-year-old cybersecurity prodigy known for his prowess as a Bug Hunter and Capture The Flag (CTF) champion. As a HackTheBox Brand Ambassador, Neion is passionate about securing the internet and fostering a community of likeminded individuals. With a strategic mindset and technical finesse, he fearlessly uncovers vulnerabilities, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the cybersecurity realm. Neion’s dedication to education and mentorship showcases his leadership, making him a driving force for a safer digital world.

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